The Head of Cyrenaica Society, Abdulhamid Al-Kizza, said the statement of Khalifa Haftar’s representatives at the 5+5 Joint Military Commission (JMC) was part of pressure attempts to fulfill Haftar’s wishes and impose them on Libyans, adding that the statement was all about Haftar and his sons’ instructions.

Al-Kizza told Febrayer TV Channel that the JMC is 5+1 not 5+5 as the eastern five cannot disagree with what Haftar instructs them to do as he continues to try to enter Tripoli at any cost.

“Cyrenaica people are upset after the remarks about oil: the people’s only source of income. Everyone knows that the halted salaries of the forces loyal to Haftar in Al-Rajma is because of the lack of national identity number verification. Haftar wants money without explaining where it will go.” He added.

The five members representing Haftar’s forces within the JMC suspended Saturday their participation at the JMC meetings, severed ties with the GNU, and demanded a blockade on oil exports from Libya and a shutdown of the coastal road. The members of the 5+5 JMC also called for stopping flights between east and west Libya.