Cyrenaica would take the necessary measures to separate from Libya if the House of Representatives' demands were not fulfilled by Fayaz Sirraj government, a joint statement by parliament speaker Aqilah Saleh, together with some Tobruk MPs, tribal figures and mayors threatened on Saturday.

According to the parallel LANA news agency of Al-Thanni government, Aqilah Saleh said Sirraj government has not been endorsed yet in order to assume power, pointing that it remains illegitimate until it is approved from inside the parliament in Tobruk.

“The Arab Libyan Military forces led by Khalifa Haftar are a red line that cannot be crossed.” The statement said, adding that the post of the Commander in Chief of the military forces should go to Aqilah Saleh being the president of the parliament.

According to Skhirat agreement, the powers of the Commander in Chief of the military forces move to the Presidency Council of Skhirat government.

“All of the MPs reject the sanctions imposed by the international community on parliament president and they consider them a flagrant violation of Libya’s sovereignty," the statement said, 
pointing out that Tobruk MPs won’t recognize any government protected by what they described as militias in Tripoli.

Earlier, federalist member of Tobruk Parliament Abu Baker Buera called for anti Sirraj government protests in east Libya and establishment of a military council led by Khalifa Haftar to rule the country.