Daesh retakes district 3 of Sirte following uprising

Daesh retakes district 3 of Sirte following uprising

August 14, 2015 - 22:29
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Daesh militants have stormed the residential district 3 of Sirte and took full control of the area following an uprising against the group by local residents.

The uprising was ignited by purist salafis on Tuesday when Daesh, a day before, killed Khaled Al-Forjani, the imam of Cordoba Mosque and a prominent Salafi there, for delivering anti-Daesh speeches. Later, local residents, mainly from Al-Forjan tribe, joined the fighting against Daesh.

With only small arms were in hand, the locals couldn't resist longer. Daesh militants stormed the district with heavy weapons from all directions and seized full control of the district. The death toll is still unconfirmed but local reports indicated that around 40 people have been killed during the three-day fighting.

Daesh's top preacher in Sirte, Hassan Al-Karrami, delivered the Friday sermon (Khutba) at the district's main mosque, which was used by followers of purist Salafism, a movement that is totally against Daesh ideology.

Al-Karrami called worshipers to pledge allegiance to Daesh's top leader Abu Baker Al-Baghdadi and warned against any future uprising against his group.   

The residential district 3 of Sirte is inhabited by Al-Forjan tribe.