The Head of Government of National Unity, Abdel Hamid Dbeibah, has issued a resolution to establish a new security agency called ‘The National Agency of Backup Forces’, to protect the legitimacy of the state and sovereign institutions, and to preserve Libya’s security and stability.

The new resolution provides that the agency is tasked with safeguarding the goals of February 17, in accordance with the Libyan legislations in force, and support the army as necessary to help secure and protect Libyan borders and ports, and secure vital and strategic instillations and facilities.

The agency is also competent to support the Ministry of Interior, when necessary, in protecting sovereign headquarters and diplomatic missions, provide support in emergencies and natural disasters, rescue operations, and support in securing infrastructure projects and archaeological and tourist sites.

The resolution allows the agency to have branches in Libyan cities, based on a proposal to be submitted by chief of the agency.

Dbeibah also named Ahmed Issa as the chief of the agency.