Head of the Government of National Unity, Abdel Hamid Dbeibah, has stated that his government’s goal is elections, and that it is still waiting for the constitutional rule in order to conduct the important national due process.

‘Our hands are still extended to our opponents in order to work together to drive Libya to safe grounds.’ Dbeibah added.

He made his comments during a meeting on Tuesday with the Misrata Council of Notables, the chairperson and members of its municipal council, and a number of city officials, according to a statement published by GNU media office.

Head of Misrata Council of Notables, Mohamed Al-Rajobi, said that “they will not allow any sedition within the city,” stressing that Misrata is against fighting and wars, and it will make concerted social efforts so that stability be a theme for this stage until elections are reached.

In a statement during the meeting, a member of Misrata’s Municipal Council underlined that the city’s key target is conducting elections, through which a legislative and presidential authorities and an executive body can be elected.