The newly elected Prime Minister, Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah, said he was ready to cooperate with all state institutions in Libya in order to preserve national sovereignty and keep out negative foreign intervention.

Dbeibah told the High Council of State (HCS) Tuesday that the new interim government would work on establishing consultations with the HCS and House of Representatives as well as the Presidential Council and 5+5 Joint Military Commission so that all Libyans can sense security.

Dbeibah said he had started outlining the new government that should work on and abide by the roadmap commitments of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum.

He reiterated the importance of the general elections in December, saying to hold elections on time, some elements that had been burdening Libyans must be resolved, and reiterating that national reconciliation is very significant in reaching the targeted elections.

"The briefing at the HCS was part of consultations with all authorities. We hope this positive consultation helps boost chances of stability." Dbeibah wrote on Twitter.