The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah said during a meeting of Arab judicial institutes, on Wednesday, that the Government of National Unity (GNU) has been keen since day one to serve Libyans and is not preoccupied with political work, adding that the GNU wants to establish justice and national reconciliation.

Dbeibah said Libya lost justice in previous years, adding that there was a lot of injustice and that's why his government wants to make things right, referring to Tripoli's hosting of Arab officials as evidence of the recovery of the capital and Libya in general after years of isolation, war, division and fragmentation.

"We trust the judiciary's ability to complete efforts to unify Libyan institutions after years of division and wars. The capacity of all components of the judicial authority must be strengthened, so that they can support national reconciliation and make up for the damage, without being affected by political tensions." Dbeibah said, reaffirming his respect for the impartial judiciary, and his confidence in its ability to support efforts to unify Libyan institutions.

The Libyan Prime Minister referred to Libya's desire to benefit from Arab experiences in the judicial training fields, stressing that the judicial institution in Libya is of vital significance to all parties.