The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah rejected military authority to be ruling Libya once again, saying on Monday at the ceremony for the implementation of (Law No. 1) of 2014 regarding the families of the martyrs and missing persons in the city of Misrata, that Libyans don't want countries to control their destiny.

Dbeibah also stressed that the flag of independence must be raised, adding that the flag is a red line and it is the path that Libya will follow, as it represents not only February revolution, but also "the ancestors who fought colonialism, liberated the country and contributed to the independence of Libya."

He stressed the importance of ending the mandate of the bodies that are still in power since the February 17 revolution so that there can be an end the transitional periods.

The issue of the independence flag and anthem caused a dispute between supporters and opponents of the former regime at the preparatory forum for the National Reconciliation Conference, which was held this week in Tripoli. The participants decided in a draft of their final statement that the inclusive national reconciliation conference would be held within two months, and all items except for the national anthem and the flag would be adopted.

Official reactions to the dispute included a comment by the High Council of State, saying any reconciliation in Libya must be under the flag of independence and the anthem which are constants of the February revolution.

The spokeswoman of the Presidential Council Najwa Weheba said the flag and anthem issue is settled by the constitution, unless Libyans choose to find alternatives in the permanent constitution.

Both Tripolitanian Society and Msirata Council of Elders denounced the controversy created by Gaddafi regime supporters. The Society said their rejection of the flag and anthem was an admission of their opposition to the post-revolution Libyan state and an attempted coup that could see them go under legal ramifications. Misrata Council also said September representatives took part in post-February elections, which speaks of the end of their previous regime (Gaddafi's).