In the wake of the public criticism following the publication of the Audit Bureau report, Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah issued Order No. 6 of 2022 to codify several operating expenses related to travel, accommodation, and subsistence for government officials.

"This comes within the framework of a plan to rationalize consumer spending and mobilize resources to implement several strategic development projects," the PM media office said on Facebook.

In the circular, the PM prohibited ministerial officials and employees from receiving or offering gifts, mobile phones, computers, and vehicles, at the government expense while setting limits on meals, traveling tickets, and accommodation.

"All meal catering services would be suspended as of the beginning of next November, provided they were limited only to hot drinks and water, except security and guard personnel, and would be replaced by cash support at the beginning of next year."

The decree placed a buy stop order on vehicles, except service cars and ambulances, provided they are approved by the Council of Ministers, based on a proposal from the concerned minister.

Travel tickets would only be booked for an official mission provided that the duration of assignments does not exceed five days except in cases of necessity. All ministerial employees other than the ministers will fly in the commercial class.

According to the text, the government will not cover the lease payment for minstrel employees and officials, except those granted this advantage by the legislation in force.

The PM's move comes days after the Audit Bureau published its report for the year 2021, in which it criticized the expansion of government spending, especially on meals, trips, phones, cars, and others.