There is no other path than going to genuine parliamentary and presidential elections in Libya, says Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah.

Addressing an audience of ministers, politicians, and activists at an event to celebrate the Eid in his hometown in Misrata on Monday, Dbeibah stressed that conditions for holding elections are available, including the voting laws.

He said the doors and roads are closed to those who want to extend for themselves, and Libya will reach the elections no matter how harsh the "plotters" are.

Dbeibah highlighted the improvement of the electricity service under his government and their support for the poor and low-income, vowing to continue support for the needy and the Marriage Support Fund and pay the retirees their increase after the Eid.

The PM urged the Libyan people to stand with the homeland against partition and wars by supporting the holding of elections "so that people choose whom they want," recalling his government's slogan that there is "no war or fighting in Libya again."