The Government of National Unity's Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah called on the High National Elections Commission (HNEC) and its Head Emad Al-Sayeh to update the voters' registry to register those who didn't have the chance to register before and those who turned legal by age to vote.

Dbeibah addressed a letter to Al-Sayeh, asking  him to continue the process of checking the candidates’ registration for the parliamentary and presidential elections before announcing the electoral lists, and to inform the local public opinion of developments in this regard, as well as to consider the proposed election law prepared by the "Committee for the Return of the Trust to the People".

Dbeibah also asked Al-Sayeh that he needed to start the logistical and organizational preparations according to the electoral laws and the postponement of all preparations that are expected to change, in addition to planning for an electoral simulation day with the Ministries of Interior and Education and the rest of the concerned sectors as per a date set by the HNEC. He also asked for a cooperating with the National Libyan Channel and to provide the opportunity for candidates to present their vision and electoral program.

Dbiebah said that his statement to the HNEC came as a motivation for all official and popular parties to push for the speedy holding of the elections and the transition in Libya from the transitional phase to the permanent one based on electoral legitimacy.