Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah engaged in discussions with the elders of the Tamina area in Misrata about the service conditions in their region.

During his visit to the area on Saturday, Dbeibah was accompanied by the Minister of Transport, representatives from the Ministries of Health, Industry, and Mining, the Administrative Centers Development Authority, the Housing and Utilities Authority, the Municipality of Misrata, and the president and members of the Council of Elders and Notables of Misrata.

Dbeibah's visit to the region involved an inspection tour where he visited several facilities and assessed the needs of the local citizens.

The Prime Minister directed attention towards providing various services to the region, such as addressing the needs related to road construction, a sanitation project, water lines, and the completion of projects currently on hold.

He also addressed the issue of compensation and emphasized the importance of restoring the Old Popular Market.