Two people died on Sunday in the mountain city of Gharyan as heavy rains lashed parts of Libya, paralyzing traffic and forcing schools to close.

The victims, identified to be two men from Sabha, died after failing to escape their vehicle, which was sinking in the water, officials in Gharyan said.

In a previous statement, the Ambulance and Emergency Service declared two people missing in Gharyan due to torrential rains and said that search operations are underway to determine their fate.

The head of the security director of Gharyan, Colonel Abu Ajila Al-Halfawi, confirmed later that the two missing people were found dead and told The Libya Observer that they are awaiting procedures from the Public Prosecution Office.

Videos circulating on social media showed the flooded streets of Tripoli and other areas in Libya as people drove to safety.

Gharyan and Khums of Libya were identified as one of the regions in the globe that received high levels of rainfall during the last 24.

As per data from the World Meteorological Organization, Gharyan was ranked in 10th place with a precipitation of 110 mm, while the coastal city of Khums came 14th, with a precipitation of 97 mm, according to the Roaya Society for Amateur Astronomy, which noted that Libya was rarely included in this list.