The council of Derna elders and the elders of the neighboring districts reached a deal Wednesday that allows fuel and cooking gas cylinders trucks to enter the city starting today after over two months of shortages due to the blockage by Dignity Operation forces.

The head of the humanitarian affairs in Derna, Abdelsalam Al-Dreiwi, said the deal allows the gas cylinders trucks to enter the city via Martuba and the fuel trucks to enter through a western Derna district.

According to Al-Dreiwi, Dignity Operation forces had conditioned the deal to the entrance of some amounts of fuel and gas cylinders into Derna every 15 days before it banned the two materials completely two months ago.

Derna has been suffering from a tight siege and blocking of roads by Dignity Operation forces, which led to shortages in fuel and cash as well as some of the basic needs for the city residents amid local and international silence and failure to lift the siege.