The Search and Identification of Missing Persons Department, has recovered another 15 bodies from the liberated areas south of Tripoli, said the director of the department, Kamal Abubaker.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Abubaker confirmed that their teams are facing significant challenges and grave risks as the areas they are working in are scattered with landmines laid by Haftar's militias before they were forced out of Tripoli.

"Even the dead bodies were booby-trapped," said Abubaker, explaining that they have reached out to the Mine Action Unit to comb and secure the targeted areas, as several members of their teams have been killed or injured in such incidents.

He also talked about reports of mass graves in Tarhuna, "The Mayor of Tarhuna confirmed that bodies were found dumped in the landfills," said Abubaker, indicating that all the details will be clarified once the investigations are completed.

Abubaker called on families of the missing persons to reach out to the "Department of Dealing with Families of Missing Persons", whose job is to label those missing with serial numbers in order to take samples to help identify the victims.

The Search and Identification of Missing Persons Department has warned against approaching or recovering any bodies, stressing that they should be left to the competent authorities due to environmental, health, and security risks.