The Health Ministry has announced that 21 people have been killed and 27 others injured due to the clashes in different frontlines outside Tripoli.

War on Tripoli started when Khalifa Haftar gave orders to his forces to march to Tripoli and "liberate it from terrorists."

The spokesman for Haftar's forces Ahmed Mismari went as far as saying that the war on Tripoli is aimed to free the city from Al-Qaeda, claiming that the capital is hijacked by terrorists.

Since the war go-ahead by Haftar, heavy clashes have been going on in different areas in southern Tripoli, like Wadi Rabea, Sooq Al-Ahad, Airport Road, Ain Zara, Al-Aziziya and other areas near Gharyan like Heera.

The war has also been taken to the sky as the Air Force of the Libyan Army under the command of Presidential Council targeted Haftar's forces in Wadi Rabea and Wattiya Airbase, while Haftar's forces carried an airstrike on Sunday afternoon on Naqiliya camp in southern Tripoli.

Meanwhile, the fighting continues in an intensified manner as sources told the Libya Al-Ahrar TV Channel that the fighter jets of Haftar's forces took off from Wattiya Airbase to attack Naqiliya, despite promises made by some Zintan elders to spare the airbase from the current tension.

Amid the fighting, calls by the UNSMIL and local aid groups have been mounting demanding a truce in clashes' zones in order to evacuate civilians and injuries.