The Defense Minister of the Presidential Council’s (PC) government Al-Mihdi Al-Barghathi said he was suspended from work by the Head of the PC Fayez Al-Sirraj because of Brak Al-Shatti massacre, stressing that he had nothing to do with it as “it is a political card played to stain my reputation in the scene,” he claimed.

Al-Barghathi told Erm News that the force that attacked Brak Al-Shatti airbase was under the command of the PC not the Defense Ministry, saying he is ready for any investigation as he heartily deplores the acts committed in the attack.

“Al-Sirraj’s order was wrong as there was a committee made up from the Justice and Interior Ministers in order to prove the attack and they did then gave the results to Al-Sirraj, who until today did not announce those results!” Al-Barghathi exclaimed.

He also said that the Justice Minister Mohamed Abdelhamid ignored an official inquiry into the results by him, adding he was appointed as defense minister as part of Skhirat political agreement and the sharing item included in the agreement as “I was representing the military force fighting in Benghazi, not because I am an Awaqir tribesman since my brigade (204 tanks of Dignity Operation) was made from all Libyan cities and regions and used to fight terrorism.”

He also belittled the importance of elections currently as the security situation in Libya is very unfitting with political fragmentation and lawlessness.

“Salame could depict the real problem in Libya and is now working on uniting the military institution under a civilian command, as it is autonomous of any political issues and conflicts, let alone his work on national reconciliation.” Al-Barghathi added, suggesting Salame should use the help of old officers to give their expertise in uniting the Libyan Army, as they are respected for their years of service.

“National Reconciliation and building the country are the two important steps that can resolve Libya’s crisis, but political conflicts will get on the way of all efforts of fighting terrorism.” He concluded.