Defense Minister designate of UN-imposed government Al-Mihdi Al-Baraghati has escaped an arrest attempt at Libya's eastern airport of Laberg airport, sources claimed.

 Ajdabia mayor Salem Jodran, the brother of notorious militiaman Ibrahim who controls oil ports in the oil crescent region, told Press Solidarity that Khalifa Haftar militants attempted Thursday to arrest Colonel Al-Baraghati shortly after his arrival from Tunisia.

He said Al-Baraghati's guards managed to thwart the arrest attempt and take Al-Baraghati to safety.

Relations between Al-Baraghati and Haftar have been already strained. Last week, Khalifa Haftar deplored Al-Baraghati's meetings with a number of western diplomats in Tunisia without his approval. The rogue General also hinted of military penalties against Al-Baraghati.