Delegation from High Council of Reconciliation visits Derna

Delegation from High Council of Reconciliation visits Derna

May 11, 2017 - 23:00
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Photo: Derna Zoom on Facebook

A delegation from the High Council of Reconciliation (HCR) arrived on Thursday in Derna, eastern Libya, and met with the social and municipal councils in the city as well as with the members of the Derna Shura Council.

The HCR, which is headed by Mohammed Al-Housh, is made up from different elders and notables from the western and southern regions in Libya.

"This meeting is a preparatory one that is aimed to break the ice in the eastern city and pave the way for the national reconciliation goals to take place in later occasions." Al-Housh told Tanasuh TV on.

Al-Housh also denied being kidnapped by any parties while en route to Derna.

He also commented saying that they, as the HRC, are only sponsoring these kinds of meetings hoping to achieve some sort of reconciliation among Libyans.

"All components from Derna city - military, political and social - will be present in the upcoming meetings and we hope that they will come to terms and engage in the national reconciliation drive that we are sponsoring for the benefit of Libya." Al-Housh remarked.

He added that the HCR has an agenda that pushes for national reconciliation and it will be presented in the upcoming meetings for all Derna components.