In one of his latest hallucinations, renegade General Khalifa Haftar said Benghazi liberation is imminent, declaring that the city is now almost safe.

"Just a few days left for the liberation of Benghazi which has nearly become a hundred percent secure." He said in a speech to pro-tribal leaders and eastern mayors in Al-Marij of Saturday.

He added that the battle for the liberation of Sirte will start shortly after the liberation of Benghazi and Derna.

Derna has been already liberated from IS groups by the Shura Council of Derna in less than a week of fighting, but according to Haftar's classification, all anti-Dignity Operation groups are terrorists. 

On the ground, Khalifa Haftar's armed groups have been desperately fighting for the control of the Benghazi for 20 months now but no progress has been achieved. To reassure his supporters, Haftar has for so many times declared that the liberation would be very soon.  

In an apparent response to the latest accusation of corruption and killing by his defected spokesperson, Haftar gave a credit to himself and explained his military and political career in details.

"In this war, many have fallen as a martyr or a traitor. The martyrs are heroes and our caravan moves on without the traitors until the victory." He said.

In regard to the political dialogue, Haftar highly hailed Deputy Prime Minister of UN-imposed government Ali Al-Gotrani for his unlimited support to Dignity Operation. He described Skhirat government as a trusteeship government. He also said that some of Skhirat dialogue participants have fallen under Martin Kobler's sway.

Earlier, Haftar met with Tobruk Parliament speaker Aqailah Saleh and UN-government boycotter Ali Al-Gotrani and expressed support to the Libyan-Libyan dialogue.

"Concord between Libyans must be attributed to fighting terrorism first, and then we agree on a government that is a result of a real Libyan-Libyan dialogue." He said.

The rogue General announced his Dignity Operation in May 2014 in an attempt to control Benghazi, but he was met with stiff resistance from the city's Shura fighters.

Many districts in Benghazi have become uninhabited. Dignity war is still raging in many parts of the city while several thousands of locals have fled to other cities to escape the intense fighting.