Deputy Ministers in the Salvation Government have welcomed the new cabinet, refuting media reports that claimed they had refused to go.

In a statement on Friday, 49 deputies said they would comply with the GNC resolution about the formation of the 12-minister government, and have over power to their successors.

They also offered their apologies to the Libyan people for any shortcomings, saying lack of budget has hindered them from doing their tasks in a proper way.

"The political and military conflicts and fragmentations of Libyan institutions were also obstacles that prevented us from offering services to the people." They said.

The deputy ministers also confirmed in their statement they are ready at any time for questioning over any misconduct during their term in office.

The new government of Khalifa Al-Ghawiel was sworn in on Thursday by GNC President Nuri Abu Sahmain. It was approved by the GNC on Tuesday.