The Chief of Derna Security Department, Brigadier General Yehya Al-Usta asked to be pardoned from the position he leads due to the amount of responsibility thrust on him amid the systematic siege laid by neighboring cities on one hand and the airstrikes of Dignity Operation on Derna on the other, pointing out that this all is added to kidnapping the city’s youths on identity.

“Derna residents, especially the policemen and military personnel, who preferred to remain at home to assuming their jobs, are so passive; yet only less than 10 persons have assumed their jobs and the rest abstained fearing from salary cuts or jail threats.” Al-Usta explained.

He also referred to the stubbornness of the current commander of the so-called Omar Mukhtar operations chamber who wants to follow in the footsteps of the former commander by issuing orders to bomb Derna port and to block the roads linking Martuba district and Derna.

“False media, inciting killing and sedition between Derna and its neighboring districts as well as getting the in the way of whoever advocates peace and stability added another nail to Derna’s coffin.” Al-Usta indicated, adding that all of these circumstances make Derna security personnel hold firm their weapons to defend the city and its residents.

Derna municipality appointed Al-Usta as the chief of security department in the city as part of its efforts to activate the whole department’ sections, however; being located in the eastern region and thus being obliged to follow the orders of Dignity Operation and Al-Thanni government, which constantly threaten army and police personnel of imprisonment and salary cuts if they assume their jobs, the reactivation has become next to impossible.