Derna Shura Council has accused Dignity Operation of using torture to coerce false confessions of murder from a Derna citizen who was abducted at Labreg Airport around 10 days ago.

Pro-Dignity Operation TV station Alrasmiya aired the alleged confessions of Ayoub Al-Gabayli, who was one of the fighters against ISIS, claiming that Derna Shura Council is behind the 2014 assassination of former Public Prosecutor Abdul-Aziz Al-Hasadi and other murder cases in the city.

"I condemn the abduction of Ayoub and the torture he endured in order to force him give these false confessions, and I hold Haftar militias responsible for his safety," top commander of Derna Shura Council Saeid Al-Shaari said in a statement on Wednesday.

The SC said it was forced to publish an investigation video, recorded last October, of ISIS militant Morad Alsabah to refute Dignity Operation allegations. In the video, Alsabah admitted that ISIS was behind the assassination of Public Prosecutor Abdul-Aziz Al-Hasadi.

Alsabah was a senior IS commander. He was executed last December, two months after his arrest, for committing murder.

Ironically, Pro Dignity Operation Al-Bayda Security Directorate announced last December the arrest of two ISIS affiliates in the Green Mountain region. It confirmed that the two, a Libyan and a Syrian had admitted their role in the assassination of Public Prosecutor Abdul-Aziz Al-Hasadi.