The Derna Shura Council issued a statement on Monday saying they are with any initiatives that aim at building the state of institutions not of militias, saying the Dignity Operation violations and attacks have so far killed a lot of women and children, confirming that Khalifa Haftar and his followers will be brought to justice sooner or later.

The statement, dubbed “Revenge for our Children”, also said that Dignity Operation’s attacks and siege on Derna aims at cracking the well-knitted social fabric of the city, referring to the attacks on kids’ parks, civilian houses, and civilian cars and so on.

The Derna Shura Council also indicated that the fight against Dignity Operation forces has kicked off to foil their attack and the violation of what it described as “Haftar’s militias”, saying that they are still trying an entry into the city through the western entrance and they keep bombing the city to pave the way for that, killing children and other civilians on their way in.