Deterrence Apparatus for Fighting Terrorism and Organized Crime started interrogating one of the men behind the fighting that took place on Sunday and Monday in Al-Zawiya city after he was apprehended based on a written request by the elders of the city.

The Apparatus said on Facebook that the Council of Elders in Al-Zawiya sent a letter asking it to follow up on the reason for the clashes and apprehension of the individuals behind them.

It also indicated that its units had taken into custody one of the wanted men and started interrogating him in cooperation with relevant authorities so that a final end to the clashes could be achieved, adding that the process was under the supervision of the Head of Presidential Council, Chief of General Staff, Interior Minister, Commander of military zone of the west coast and Chief of Al-Zawiya security directorate.

Clashes ended in Al-Zawiya city after mediation by elders and other groups of the local society, who confirmed in video statement that they had held a meeting that aimed to put an end to all conflicts in the city, saying the meeting was attended by the Deputy Head of Presidential Council Abdullah Al-Lafi, city's mayor, commander of west coast military zone and chief of security directorate.

The attendees agreed to form a committee of all Al-Zawiya social components to reach an end to the conflict. They tasked the municipality to form a group that evaluates the damage caused by the clashes and activate joint force units to exact security.

On Sunday and Monday, Al-Zawiya city saw heavy fighting that led to the killing of five civilians, including a child, and injuring of 13 others.