One person was killed and others were wounded in an airstrike carried out by a Dignity Operation warplane targeting a C-130 aircraft once it touched down in Al-Jufra military airbase, sources from Al-Jufra reported Tuesday.

The media office of Misrata-based Air Defense Department confirmed on Facebook earlier Tuesday that the bombardment of Al-Jufra military airbase led to the crashing of the C-130 aircraft and injuries among the delegation of notables onboard.

One of the passengers, Yousif Ben Yousif, the former mayor of Misrata, who was onboard the aircraft said the C-130 aircraft was targeted with more than one bomb, adding that the delegation aboard the aircraft was intent on offering condolences in Al-Jufra.

“Colonel Ibrahim Bayt Al-Mal, the spokesman for the Misrata Military Council, was injured in the airstrike.” Ben Yousif indicated. 
 On the other hand, the spokesman for Dignity Operation forces, Ahmed Al-Mismari, said their airstrike targeted IS leaders in Al-Jufra airbase.

Whereas, the spokesman for the Libyan Air Force Emergency Operation Room, Mohammed Gununu, said they would reveal other details about the airstrike later, adding that their response will be delivered in a specific time under legal measures.

“It is not true that the C-130 aircraft was transferring military equipment, but it was transporting a delegation of Misrata notables.” Gununu added.