Lieutenant Colonel, Muftah Hamza, the commander of Al-Fatayeh front line in Derna has revealed that senior leaders from the east affiliated with Khalifa Haftar forces urged him to pull out from the fight against ISIS in Al-Fatayeh front line and save himself and his forces from this impasse.

In a video tape that went viral on social media, Hamza said Dignity commanders promised to appoint him in much easier tasks if agreed.

“I received a lot of offers to withdraw and stop fighting ISIS in Al-Fatayeh and was offered to be appointed on the borders, but I refused because their offer was less important than fighting the enemy that is extending within Libya.” Explains Hamza in the video.

He added that Al-Fatayeh front line is the resistance fight axis against ISIS in the eastern region, stating that he finds it strange that Dignity Operation air force and its Egyptian ally had never bombarded IS in Al-Fatayeh.

"Al-Fatayeh is located between two airbases in which there were around 20 Egyptian warplanes in addition to our Libyan ones, but they did not conduct any airstrikes against ISIS." He exclaimed.    

Meanwhile, Haftar forces has never carried out air strikes nor clashed with IS militants in Derna up until today, on the contrary, they have many times bombed Shura forces of Derna, which are courageously combating IS and have succeeded in limiting their presence in the city only to small number in Al-Fatayeh area.

Dignity Operation used to label Derna Shura Council as IS affiliates, but after IS defeat in Derna, it classified them as Al-Qaida group, which was totally refuted by the Shura Council.