Dignity Operation’s submission to Egypt has gone beyond all shame after declaring that Libya’s only source of income, the oil, is under the control of Egypt.

Egypt’s Almasry Alyoum newspaper published on Saturday other excerpts from its interview with self-proclaimed governor of east Libya and chief of staff of Tobruk parliament forces Abdul-Rezzak Al-Nadouri to showcase obedience of Khalifa Haftar and his puppets in east Libya to the Egyptian dictatorship.

This time, Al-Nadouri said Dignity Operation would be so glad to hand over Libya to Egypt.

“Libya’s oil is under the command of Egypt; we will ship oil to it every day, we will listen to Egypt’s demands and obey,” Al-Nadouri said.

He claimed that 80% of Libya is under their control, adding that Tripoli would fall in their hands in less than two days after they liberate Sirte. Ironically, Dignity Operation war in Benghazi is still ongoing for the third consecutive year and Sirte is about to fall to Misrata-led forces.

He reiterated his frequent accusations to Britain and the United States of standing against Dignity Operation to protect the Muslim Brotherhood.

Asked about the possibility of renegade General to become a president of Libya, he replied: “why not.”

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