At least 17 supporters of Ibrahim Jodran's so-called Petroleum Facilities Guard were abducted by Dignity Operation militia groups in the towns of the oil crescent region on Wednesday.

Local sources said Salafist groups from Ajdabiya and a militia from Benghazi, both backed by rebel groups from Sudan’s Justice and Equality, raided houses of the supporters, mostly from Magharbah tribe, in Ras Lanouf and Ben Jawad towns at dawn causing panic among their families.

Their fate is still unknown, the sources indicated.

Tobruk MP Amer Nasir strongly deplored the attack on the civilians’ houses by what he described “dawn intruders who claim to be part of security agencies.”

“This attack indicates that we will live in terror and panic and that everybody is at risk. We live in a nightmare and that all what is required from us is to live without dignity.” Nasir posted in his official Facebook page

He confirmed that money and cars have been looted from the houses.

“I feel regret that the orders to storm the houses were given by a state authority,” he remarked.

Social media activists posted a footage on Wednesday showing a rebel group from Sudan’s Justice and Equality inside Ras Lanouf town.