The Commander of battalion 21 of the so-called Borders Guard, Lieutenant Mohammed Absait, said Dignity Operation forces, led by renegade General Khalifa Hafter, are now in full control of the city of Ajdabia after they stormed into the Industrial Block in southern Ajdabia.

Lieutenant Absait said the Dignity forces scoured the whole Industrial Block, which was the last stronghold of the Shura Council of Ajdabia revolutionaries’ coalition in the city.

“We confirm that their forces pulled out from the Industrial Block, and we also confirm that we controlled Al-Glouz and Istanbul streets in downtown Ajdabia.” Absait explained.

On the other hand, a source from the Shura Council of Ajdabia Revolutionaries’ Coalition disclosed that their forces decided to withdraw outside the city and repositioned themselves in order to save the civilian residents and their belongings from the random shelling of Hafter’s forces.

“We did not leave the city out in the cold, we just do not want to repeat the tragic scenario of Benghazi in Ajdabia.” He concluded.