So-called Information and Fighting E-Terrorism Unit of Dignity Operation said it has a list of 21.000 wanted “terrorists” from the besieged city of Derna.

Member of the Unit Ibrahim Majri told Libya Channel that those families from Derna fleeing the war zone to Bayda city have to be checked and identified, and in case of any arrests, they refer them to the concerned security agencies.

Security forces in Bayda beefed up security in and around the city and set up checkpoints to make sure that the displaced families from Derna don’t have any wanted persons before allowing them into the city.

Dignity Operation launched a large-scale operation earlier this month to attack Derna and take it from what it called “terrorist groups.”

Dignity Operation and its media outlets classify as “terrorists” the political opponents of warlord Khalifa Haftar and his ambition to rule the country militarily.