Dignity Operation militias called Siham Sirgaiwah "vixen"

A female Tobruk MP has been harassed by militia-directed boys in east Libya, in a new humiliating tactic by Dignity Operation militia groups against opponents.

Siham Sirgaiwah and her husband arrived at Al-Abraq Airport in Bayda on Friday to find two boys, escorted by a bunch of militiamen, waiting for them at the arrival terminal.

In a video posted on social media, one of the militiamen was seen giving instructions to the two boys on what to say to the couple.

"Here they come, go and stand there," the militiaman ordered the boys while the other militias stood watching.

As the couple passed by, the two boys verbally harassed them causing a wave of indignation and anger.

"Do you know these two boys?" Sirgaiwah's husband asked the militiamen, while his wife were muttering "Hasbi Allahu Wa Ne’mal Wakil," an Islamic expression that means Allah is sufficient for me and is used to express dissatisfaction and anger.

"Yes, they are our sons," a militiaman replied.

The two couple went on in anger while another militiaman followed them to hurl insults.

"Get lost, let me tell you something, if you (husband) and your vixen (Sirgaiwah) come back here (airport) again, I will cut your legs, you fuck up the parliament," the militiaman reviled.

Shortly, another militia group intercepted them before they left the airport. The pro-Khalifa Haftar militiamen seized their mobile phones and kept them inside a dark room for a while as they hurled immoral insults at them before releasing them.

Tobruk MPs in favour of the Libyan political agreement deplored the mistreatment of Sirgaiwah and insults hurled at her. In a statement, they said the assault on Sirgaiwah is regarded as a systematic attack on MPs who back the political agreement.

"We call for an immediate investigation into the airport assault and we hold the Presidency of HoR responsible for the safety of the political agreement backers." The MPs statement reads.

MP Siham Sirgaiwah was a strong backer of Dignity Operation, but she has diverted and became a supporter of the Libyan political agreement, which stripped Khalifa Haftar of his powers as self-proclaimed commander of the Libyan National Army.