Dignity Operation incurs tariffs on cars entering besieged Derna

Dignity Operation incurs tariffs on cars entering besieged Derna

November 27, 2016 - 17:28
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The head of the humanitarian assistance committee at Derna Municipality, Abdelsalam Al-Daryawi, said Dignity Operation forces, who are laying a strict siege on Derna, has stated imposing tariffs on the cars entering the city.

“All cars must pay 50 Libyan dinars in order to make their way to Derna.” Al-Daryawi added.

He indicated that Dignity Operation checkpoints have banned the entry of cocking gas cylinders into Derna, allowing only one cylinder per car entering the city, which made the price of the cylinders, smuggled from neighboring districts rocket reaching 35 dinars in the black market, while it should be sold with 2.5 dinars.

“Derna residents are going back and forth to nearby districts like Ras Al-Hilal and Susa, crossing over 75 km in order to fill their cars’ tanks with fuel and buy cooking gas cylinders. Al-Daryawi elaborated, accusing the neighboring towns of having no intention to end Derna’s crisis as they are benefeting from the cash they make off Derna residents.

Previously on Sunday, a delegation of Derna notables headed to neighboring Martuba district in a bid to propose an initiative to open the blockaded main road connecting the two areas so that they can facilitate the entry of commodities and basic goods into Derna, which has been besieged by Khalifa Haftar’s militias since months.