A pigeon fancier in Libya's Benghazi has stormed a government education office and ordered staff to get out, the latest in a series of Dignity Operation's bullying acts in the city.

Using force, the fancier, also commander of one of the many militia groups known as Sahawat, instructed the staff to evacuate Birkah education office because he wanted to breed pigeons inside it.

Education officials in the city complained to the newly appointed military mayor colonel Ahmed Araibi, but nothing has been done to the armed usurper.

"Take for example Birkah education office; it is being used for pigeon breeding, we begged him to allow us to use the office, but he shouted at us: we are the national army, get out." Chairman of the Teachers' Union in Benghazi Omer Abbar complained in a quavering voice to Araibi during an inspection tour to the city's schools.  

Khalifa Haftar's self-declared army is made up of different groups and factions including the notorious Sahawat (awakening), fighters, who are the backbone of that army. Others include some tribal groups, former regime militants, and extremist salafists who joined Dignity Operation because they are at odds with other Islamist groups.