Khalifa Haftar's airstrikes in Derna and Benghazi are being coordinated by British, US, and French forces, leaked tapes show.

Dignity Operation air force has carried out new airstrikes on Derna Saturday dawn targeting 4 locations at the city center and injuring 12 civilians, one of whom has been reportedly killed, let alone the considerable destruction it caused to the houses.

The four air raids hit a residential building, the square near the building while the families were on the run, Derna port, and former building of Derna Court, respectively.

The new air raids on Derna follow a ceasefire that has been announced previously in the city, triggered by an initiative made by Abdel Basit Igtet featuring the slogan “Coexistence & Fighting Division and Conflict”. The initiative was signed by the Speaker of the HoR, Aqilah Saleh and Khalifa Haftar in addition to Igtet, and it was put into action a while ago.

According to the media office of Igtet, the initiative takes effect in Derna city and should last for two weeks in order to make way for compromise and settling things down peacefully, socially, and militarily, besides enduring the initiative goes well being a chance to save the bloodshed and avoid people the current suffering.

Ahmed Al-Mismari, Dignity Operation’s spokesman, refuted what Igtet said about the signing of Haftar on the “Coexistence & Fighting Division and Conflict” initiative, indicating that they have no idea about the documents posted by Igtet, stressing that the signature of Haftar is fake.

Al-Mismari added, in a press conference in Benghazi, that the paper published under the name of “Coexistence & Fighting Division and Conflict” initiative is completely untrue and only reflects Igtet’s standpoint or that of those who dictated him what to write in it, saying they have not signed it and thus it is fake.

Middle East Eye reported Friday that air traffic recordings obtained from Benina air base in Benghazi show coordination between western countries and Dignity Operation to carry out airstrikes on targets in eastern Libya