The militia groups admitted that renegade General Khalifa Haftar has ordered them to kill the captives  

Militia groups of Khalifa Haftar’s self-styled army have voiced utter rejection to the ICC arrest warrant for Saiqa field commander, Mahmud Al-Werfalli, raising doubts about claims of Dignity Operation spokesperson, Ahmed Al-Mismari, of Al-Werfalli’s arrest.

In a video statement from Benghazi, a group of Saiqa extremists said Al-Werfalli “represents all Libya” and that he risked his life for the sake of homeland.

“He made a history and regained dignity to those who have lost it,” they claimed, describing him as the hero of Cyrenaica and that his bullets, which he used to kill the captives, were an honor for them. 

The extremists lambasted the UN and some western countries, demanding them to keep hands off Libya. 

“Down with the ICC, down with the UN, down with Italy, down with the USA and down with the UK”, they said.

They admitted that Dignity Operation commander, Khalifa Haftar, had order them to kill the captives and to show no mercy, adding that they committed summary execution to cause horror.

“We were killing them “captives” in public and we published their killing videos to the public,” a militiaman boasted in the statement. 

In a disturbing request, the militiaman urged the killers, who kill in secret, to bring their captives to them in order to kill them in public.

“We are not afraid of anyone, we only fear Allah,” he said.

The militia groups denied accusations that they were behind the bodies that had been found in a landfill in Zeet Street, saying they only kill in broad daylight and then send the bodies to Benghazi Medical Center.

Dignity Operation spokesperson, Ahmed Al-Mismari claimed on Thursday that Al-Werfalli had been arrested and is being investigated by the military prosecutor on the charges named by the ICC.