Spokesperson of Dignity Operation militias has poured scorn on the latest Amnesty International report on Ganfouda neighbourhood in Benghazi, hinting during a TV show that the trapped families inside Ganfouda are terrorists.

“There might by Turkish, Qatari, Berber and African families in there,” Ahmed Al-Masmari ridiculed on Libya Al-Akhbariya, a 24-hour mouthpiece TV for Dignity Operation.

In separate remarks, Al-Masmari confirmed that their warplanes would continue to bomb Ganfouda and the airstrikes won’t stop until there is no counter fire in the besieged neighbourhood.

“The Amnesty International report is distorting and lacks credibility,” he claimed.

He accused Amnesty International of taking information from groups classified as terrorists by the United Nations, without naming those groups.

He also accused it of double standards because it did not ask for safe corridors for the civilians who are targeted by the international coalition in Iraq and Syria, according to him.

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