Update: Ibrahim Jadran forces retake Ras Lanuf oil terminal after a counterattack on Haftar’s forces, hours after losing it, reports say

Dignity Operation launched early on Thursday “the Holy Invasion” military operation to retake Ras Lanuf and Sidra oil terminals, a week after the takeover of the two oil ports by Ibrahim Jadran’s co-called Petroleum Facilities Guard.

After advancing from several directions, Dignity Operation forces managed to seize both terminals while Jadran forces withdrew westward.

“We were surprised by the quick withdrawal of Jadran forces from the oil crescent,” A Dignity Operation field commander told local media.

Spokesperson of Dignity Operation said their forces are now pursuing Jadran forces in Ben Jawad town, west of Sidra.

Meanwhile, Chairman of National Oil Corporation Mustafa Sanallah told Reuters that he hopes to resume crude exports from both oil terminals in two days.

The United States condemned on Wednesday Jadran’s attack on Ras Lanuf and Sidra oil terminals. It stressed in a brief statement that Libyan oil facilities and resources “must remain under the exclusive control of the National Oil Corporation and the sole oversight of the Government of National Accord.”