Dignity Operation forces have banned players of Tripoli-based Al-Ittehad Football Club from entering the eastern city of Derna to play a friendly match with local club Darnus, causing frustration and disappointment for local fans who were eagerly waiting for the game to celebrate ISIS defeat.

The management of Tripoli club sent a letter of apology to its Derna counterpart for not being able to enter the city.

To avoid harassment from Dignity Operation, Al-Ittehad justified the cancellation of the friendly match to logistic reasons, but Darnus officials revealed that so-called Omer Al-Mukhtar Operation Room of Dignity Operation, which is besieging Derna, had banned Al-Ittehad players from entering the city.

The Tripoli squad arrived in Susa town, some 233 km east of Benghazi, en route to Derna. They were welcomed by representatives from Darnus club, who were supposed to accompany them to their city, but Dignity Operation forces intervened and blocked their way.

Al-Ittehad Football Club arrived in the eastern region on Wednesday to play two friendly matches with Benghazi’s Al-Ahli and Derna’s Darnus.

The first scheduled match was played in Benghazi on Thursday to mark the 70th anniversary of Al-Ahli Club founding. The second friendly was scheduled with Darnus to celebrate the 1st anniversary of ISIS defeat in Derna, but Dignity Operation forces popped up and spoiled the locals’ joy.