The spokesman of the Khalifa Haftar’s Dignity Operation forces, Ahmed Al-Mismari, said a number of forces supported by Fayez Al-Siraaj and the UN-proposed government’s defense minister-designate, Mihdi Al-Barghathi, are now positioned in Al-Jufra along with Ibrahim Jodran forces as well as Al-Qaeda-linked extremist group.

“All those forces are positioned there and they are trying to advance toward the oil terminals after they have formed an operations room headed by Al-Barghathi – dubbed as Operations Room for Liberation of Oil Terminals.” Al-Mismari added as he talked to the Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper.

He added Sunday that all the scenarios are on the table and their forces have taken all the necessary military and civilian measures to thwart any advance of those forces toward the oil crescent region.

“Fight between our forces and those of the UN-proposed government is drawing nigh.” Al-Mismari told Al-Ahram.

As part of the force of Dignity Operation leaders’ habit, Al-Mismari claimed that they control most of the western region’s cities and all Tripoli residents support their operation, adding that Tajoura residents took to the streets with photos of Khalifa Haftar in hand.

News has it that a mobilization of forces is underway by some brigades backed by Al-Barghathi to attack the oil terminals to regain control of them and kick out Dignity Operation forces, which were deemed as foreign mercenaries by Al-Barghathi in a presser last week.

Prior to Al-Barghathi’s presser, Haftar’s forces had killed and kidnapped a number of Brigade 204 Tanks fighters, who are loyal to Al-Barghathi. Whereas after the presser, other forces loyal to Haftar abducted a number of men from Ras Lanuf and Ben Jawad over being affiliated with Al-Barghathi and accused them of planning to attack the oil terminals.

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