East Libya will soon fall prey to Egypt due to Dignity Operation's submission to Egyptian President Abdul-Fattah Sisi 

The Chief of Staff of the Tobruk-based House of Representatives, Abdelraziq Al-Nathori, has unveiled that their forces are contacting Egypt for the security of Libya's eastern borders, a step that shows the influence of Egypt's Sisi on Dignity Operation.  

In an interview with Egypt's Al-Youm Al-Sabea (Youm7) newspaper on Saturday, Al-Nathori said there is cooperation with the Egyptian army, which is giving limitless support for their forces, to secure Libya's joint borders with Egypt and Sudan.

"Because we are engaged in internal battles and frontlines, we tasked the Egyptian army forces to protect the joint borders from the sea to the Libyan-Sudanese borders," Al-Nathori added, saying their army and the Egyptian army are one.

Al-Nathori warned that their forces would bomb any oil vessel that would not be authorized to ship oil by the National Oil Corporation of Al-Thinni government, saying those who deal with Al-Sirraj government are dealing with illegitimate entity.

“We won’t allow those vessels to pass through the Libyan waters in the eastern region.” He indicated.

Al-Nathori added that the Petroleum Facilities Guard forces are hiding inside the oil ports that have no oil stockpile, indicating that they will be pushed out of those ports.

“The Presidential Guard announced by the Presidential Council of the UN-proposed government is one of the anti-bodies to the HoR’s army because Al-Sirraj has no right to form a military unit when he is illegitimate and his government failed to gain the vote of confidence from the HoR.” Al-Nathori remarked.

He described Misrata-led forces' fight against ISIS in Sirte as a role-switch operation between ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

Al-Nathori’s statement comes amidst plenty of similar ones made by Khalifa Haftar’s militia leaders announcing their utter loyalty to Egyptian leaderships and putting Egypt’s interests ahead of those of Libya.

On top of those leaders comes Al-Nathori, Saqir Al-Jaroshi – the commander of Haftar’s air force – and Al-Mismari, who is the spokesman of Haftar’s forces, not to mention Haftar himself who said more than once that he is ready to favour the Egyptian interests in Libya even if they were against the Libyan ones.