While the stronghold of ISIS in Libya is about to fall, Dignity Operation claims Misrata-led forces are not capable of liberating Sirte, saying they are the only force that is fit for the task.

In a new bizarre statement, the spokesperson of Dignity Operation Ahmed Al-Mismari told Egypt's Youm7 newspaper on Tuesday that Misrata-led forces have failed to achieve tangible results in Sirte and urged them to pull out of the city and leave it for Dignity Operation forces to kick ISIS out.

"They freed some neighborhoods and left others for ISIS," he claimed.

He said Sirte has turned into a ghost town due to the US airstrikes, describing it as Iraq's Al-Anbar province.

Dignity Operation forces have been fighting for the control of Benghazi since May 2014, but they failed to declare full control over the city.

In Sirte, Misrata-led forces have liberated most of the city in just 5 months, with only Jiza apartment blocks remaining under the control of ISIS and are about to fall as fighting against the radical group continues.