The Municipality of Ain Zara has halted the construction of Sidra Street on disagreements with the executing company.

In a clarification statement, the municipality said that it suspended the project after receiving many complaints from residents and the company's non-compliance with the required standards and specifications agreed upon.

"Ain Zara's mayor and the projects office at the municipal council began taking action against the company assigned by the Roads and Bridges Authority as the former failed to deliver the first stages with the required specifications and standards and for refusing to sign a pledge that ensures uninterrupted work, until the project is complete," the statement reads.

Another issue was that the municipal council demanded access to specific data related to the project, which the company refused on the pretext that this was illegal under the law.

The municipality expressed bewilderment that it was blocked from accessing data and the work plan, despite the fact that this falls within its administrative and spatial competence.

At another level, the municipal council called on social media users to be cautious when addressing this issue on social outlets and to report with facts and responsibility, as they could place themselves in an illegal situation.