Benghazi Medical Center

A group of doctors at Benghazi Medical Center have been arrested and had their heads cut by security forces after being found smoking shisha inside the emergency department.

Local sources said the manager of the center reported the incident to the police demanding a disciplinary action against the doctors.

Meanwhile, The General Syndicate of Libyan Doctors denounced what it described as the humiliating arrest of the doctors, describing it as illegal.

The syndicate said in a statement that a number of doctors were arrested on May15 while they were on duty at Benghazi Medical Center.

It blamed the administration of center for permitting security forces to intervene and humiliate those arrested, in an unprecedented manner, without offering any method of defense for those involved.

The syndicate called on the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health to form an impartial, professional commission of inquiry to investigate the incident in order to find out the truth and take legal action.