The Libyan eastern military governor Abdelraziq Al-Nathori was accused by Abdelbasit Al-Saiti of detaining his brother Rashid Al-Saiti - the deputy head of the civil registry authority - with no rightful executions.

Bawabet Al-Wasat website cited Al-Saiti as saying that his brother went to meet with Al-Nathori along with his chauffeur and one of the authority's employees.

"All were surprised that Rashid did not depart from that meeting and when they asked for him, the guards said the military governor ordered his arrest." The website added.

Al-Saiti also said that they don't know why his brother was arrested; whether because of political, tribal or criminal reasons, saying that if the reasons were criminal, he was supposed to be arrested in a legal way with a prior investigation.

"What happened is not justifiable." Al-Saiti added.

He also explained that there are tribal disputes between his tribe and Al-Nathori's one that go three years back, adding that this could be the reason why his brother was arrested.

"I call on Khalifa Haftar to interfere and see the issue of my brother. These irresponsible behaviors by certain individuals from the army could lit up a conflict among tribes." Al-Sait indicated.

An armed group at Labreg airport in eastern Al-Bayda city kidnapped Mohammed Al-Ahmar, the Head of the Civil Registry Authority in the Green Mountain city in east Libya last week while he was on his way back from a business trip from Tripoli.

He was later released without revealing why he was detained in the first place.