The self-proclaimed military ruler of east Libya has sacked the elected mayor of Ajdabiya Salem Jodran, a step that aims to consolidate military dictatorship in the eastern region.

General Abdul-Rezzaq Al-Nadouri, a puppet in the hands of Khalifa Haftar, replaced Salem Jodran with Ajdabiya municipal member Embarek Al-Minfi, a big supporter of Khalifa Haftar's Dignity Operation.

Salem Jodran, the senior brother of Ibrahim Jodran, chief of so-called Petroleum Facilities Guard, rejects Dignity Operation and it's unlikely he will comply with the decision.

Ajdabiya has been divided over support of Dignity Operation. While Ibrahim Jodran and his armed groups, which control all oil ports in the oil crescent region, strongly reject the operation, other armed brigades in the city back it. Dignity Operation has also fractured the tribal structure of the city and split it into two, which could trigger a tribal conflict at any moment.     

Early this month, Al-Nadouri sacked mayor of Benghazi and appointed intelligence officer Ahmed Araibi as the new mayor.

Meanwhile, Al-Nadouri has instructed all mayors in east Libya not to attend Libyan municipalities’ meeting, due to take place in the eastern city of Imsaad on August 28. He also ordered them not to take part in any future meetings unless they take a prior permission from him in his capacity as the military ruler of east Libya.