Angry protesters in eastern Libya have shut down the road leading to Emssaed border crossing with Egypt in protest of the Egyptian threefold raise of tariffs on Libyans crossing to Egypt.

Likewise, customs and passports clerks at the crossing refused to continue their work over the new tariffs raise.

Bawabat Al-Wasat website reported a source at the security department at the border crossing as saying that the decision of the Egyptian authorities took effect Saturday night and then travelers suspended passing through the border blocking on their way the convoy of the Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) Aqila Saleh who was heading to Egypt.

"Protesters gave a complaint to Saleh urging him to officially talk to Egyptian authorities and scrap the new tariffs and travel fees." The website quoted a source without naming it.

Egypt increased the Libyan entry fees from 120 Egyptian pounds to 350, let alone the fees on the entry of cars and trucks.

"Ambulances clawed their way through the border after long negotiations, as eastern authorities continue in the time being to talk to the Egyptians to reach a solution satisfactory to the protesters." The source told the news website.

Over the last period, Libyans have protested over the bad treatment of Egyptians at the airports or at the border crossing coupled with the exaggerated fees and tariffs imposed by Egypt.