A delegation from the eastern region arrived in Tripoli Saturday to meet with the General National Congress members and Tripoli elders to go over the main issues regarding the Libyan-Libyan dialogue so that they come up with a real national accord government that fulfills the aspirations of all Libyans.

The delegation formed by eastern elders and notables, in addition to some HoR members arrived in Mitiga airport and held a presser to reiterate their rejection of the UN-imposed Serraj government, and to stress that they join the GNC in its look-out for a decent Libyan unity government free of trusteeship dictations.

“I came here with all these notables and parliament colleagues from the east to reaffirm that we all should come to terms and reach a common ground regarding the formation of the national accord government.” Said Ibrahim Amaish, the Head of the Reconciliation Committee of Tobruk Parliament.