The High Commission for Fatwa of the eastern government, which is chaired by Abdullah Al-Thanni, has issued a fatwa saying that it is forbidden by Islam to accept the transactions of $400 for each members of every Libyan family that was issued by the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) in Tripoli.

"The CBL's offer is usury and thus is haram by Islamic Shraia law." Al-Thanni's Fatwa Commission said.

It also added that the transactions are not to be taken up by any Muslim, whether a client or an employee at the bank as they are kinds of usury because the transactions are not made between the bank and the client at the same time.

The CBL announced last February that each family member will be allowed to buy $400 with the official exchange rates and the all of the dollars of the family members will be deposited in a separate bank account for each family’s breadwinner (whether the father or the mother) from which they can withdraw the money by visa cards or via money transfers (or cash when the embargo placed on Libya in 2013 ends).