The Prime Minister of the eastern government, Abdullah Al-Thanni, issued a statement on Wednesday ordering interior and intelligence apparatuses to arrest the minister-designates of the UN-proposed government in the areas under the eastern government’s grip.

The statement described the UN-proposed government as illegitimate and unconstitutional, while it described itself and the House of Representatives as the only legitimate and constitutional entities in Libya.

“We’ve heard that the unconstitutional government of Al-Sirraj is keen on opening new offices in the areas under the Transitional Government (eastern region.)” Al-Thanni said in a letter to the Interior Minister and Intelligence Chief of the eastern government.

He also said that any one cooperating with the ministers of the UN-proposed government in eastern Libya must be arrested with them as in all areas of the region, as “those ministers are usurpers of legitimacy.”

“All land, sea, and air routes will be targeting those usurpers.” Al-Thanni added.

According to east-based Libyan News Agency, the UN-proposed government has been trying to open new offices to represent it in the eastern region, particularly in Benghazi, whose residents protested the move and rejected the government altogether, the news agency added.

Prior to that, The Interior Minister of Bayda-based Interim Government, Hussien Abbarin, issued an order banning the Minister of Higher Education at the UN-proposed government from entering the region, instructing all land and air borders to arrest Minister Othman Abdul-Jaleel if he dared visiting the eastern region.